SOTG 052 Pt. 1 - Why Connecticut Matters to You

SOTG 052 Pt. 1 – Why Connecticut Matters to You

Regardless of where you live in the United States, the current state of affair in Connecticut matters to you. This is a Liberty Test and we do not yet know whether the citizens of CT will pass or fail. Is “following orders” a valid excuse for violating the U.S. Constitution? Was Lt. Vance of CTSP goaded or did we get a glimpse at his soul?

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Andrew Gaddis – Sponsored by SOTG:

Andrew Gaddis, son of Greg and Amy Gaddis, describes himself as an avid outdoorsman. Gaddis attends Avon High School and will be inducted into the National Honors Society on March 6th, 2014. In addition to playing in the high school marching band, Andrew participates in the Indiana High School Rodeo Association. “Rodeos are pure American spirit and showcase some of the best children in America.” explained Andrew. Student of the Gun is honored to be a part of this young man’s journey to success!

Andrew Gaddis Smiling With Horse Next to Trailer Andrew Gaddis Number Back
 Andrew Gaddis Long Calf Rope Half on Horse  Andrew Gaddis Horse
 Andrew Gaddis Fish Andrew Gaddis Calf Roping Horse
 Andrew Gaddis Calf Roped Mid Air Andrew Gaddis Calf Roped

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