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SOTG 581 - Long Range Rifles Wilderness Survival

SOTG 581 – Long Range Rifle and Wilderness Survival

As you plan to step off the asphalt and out into woods this summer, this is a good time to start thinking about wilderness survival. No one plans to get…

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SOTG 580 - San Francisco Thugs Brutalized Disarmed Tax Slaves

SOTG 580 – San Francisco Thugs Brutalized Disarmed Tax Slaves

Disarmed tax slaves experienced the consequences of being disarmed slaves in San Francisco. You may be shocked to learn of the mass robbery on Bay area…

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SOTG 579 - ISIS Attack in Paris: No Pity for France

SOTG 579 – ISIS Attack in Paris: No Pity for France

Muslim missionaries attacked and killed one police officer & wounded more in an attack in Paris. ISIS was quick to claim responsibility. This is not new…

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SOTG 578 - Active Killers: Reacting or Reactionary?

SOTG 578 – Active Killers: Reacting or Reactionary?

Active killers and violent monsters are everywhere in our world today. What are we doing to address this real problem? Are we preparing to act or are…

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SOTG 577 - Home Invader Gets Probation, Judge Shames Victims

SOTG 577 – Home Invader Gets Probation, Judge Shames Victims

A Kentucky judge gave a violent home invader probation and shamed the victims of the crime. What makes a sitting judge behave in such a manner? What…

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SOTG 576 - Detroit Doctor Mutilates 7 yo Girls for Islam

SOTG 576 – Detroit Doctor Mutilates 7 Year Old Girls for Islam

A Detroit doctor is facing Federal charges for committing deliberate and unspeakable surgery on two little girls in Michigan. What kind a person…

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SOTG 575 - Fast and Furious Trigger Man Captured

SOTG 575 – Fast and Furious Trigger Man Captured

As we continue to deal with the Obama legacy and the Fast and Furious scandal, the killer of Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, has been captured…

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SOTG 574 - Who Owns Public Schools?

SOTG 574 – Who Owns Public Schools?

It is time for a gut check America, who owns our public schools? Who is supposed to be in charge of our public school system? Parents in New Jersey were…

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SOTG 573 - Bear Country Guns and The Crew Talks About Big Move

SOTG 573 – Bear Country Guns and The Crew Talks About Big Move

Now that the Student of the Gun crew is officially residents of bear country, it seemed only logical to discuss handguns that might be appropriate for…

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SOTG 572 - AR-15 for Home Defense: Gunfights aren’t Fair

SOTG 572 – AR-15 for Home Defense: Gunfights aren’t Fair

Three thugs in Oklahoma learned the hard way that gunfights are not supposed to be fair. We examine the use of the AR-15 rifle for home defense…

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“I would like to thank you first and foremost for having SOTG. I am one of the people whom found you by accident was look for a gun talk show. What I found instead was a person who opened my eyes to what is really going on in this country for that I can never thank you enough.


I find your programs very informative and inspiring. I look forward to listening to your STOG program Monday through Friday I would credit you for making me a better person and patriot. I strive to fallow you and your families example on how to be involved in putting this country back on track.”


– Anthony P.


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“I’ve really enjoyed being involved in the grad program. I believe my money has been a investment into a program that I can learn from and put to a use in my daily life. I think the honey badger program is essential in today’s world and I’m grateful that I found out about it, I’ve started putting it to use with my 6 kids. The stand SOTG makes with guns being a instrument of liberty is not very common, I totally agree with it. Thanks for everything.”

– Nathaniel D.

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“I may have been a few miles over the limit and crossed the laser of a county sheriff’s deputy, while listening to SOTG. He pulled me over I handed him my DL and permission slip (CCL). I guess officer has super hearing because he asked – are you listening to SOTG pod cast? Love that guy, He’s so subtle.” I guess my papers were in order and I got a “Slow it down and keep carrying. Have a nice day.” So SOTG prevents speeding tickets – who knew”

– Phil O.

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I love the Friday edition, and the Facebook group. I also like the special offers, even though I can’t always partake. Keep up the good work!”

– Glen C.

Paul G. Markel


Paul G. Markel has worn many hats during his lifetime. He has been a U.S. Marine, Police Officer, Professional Bodyguard, and Small Arms and Tactics Instructor. Mr. Markel has been writing professionally for law enforcement and firearms periodicals for nearly twenty years with hundreds and hundreds of articles in print. Paul is a regular guest on nationally syndicated radio talk shows and subject matter expert in firearms training and use of force. Mr. Markel has been teaching safe and effective firearms handling to students young and old for decades and has worked actively with the 4H Shooting Sports program. Paul holds numerous instructor certifications in multiple disciplines; nonetheless, he is and will remain a dedicated Student of the Gun.


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Jarrad 'Lil Fedor' Markel


Not just another pretty face, Jarrad Markel has experience and training beyond his years. Jarrad has been training to be a fighter since elementary school when he first learned the art of collegiate wrestling. Now skilled in Jujitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Sambo, the Way of the Fighting Pistol and Fighting Rifle, Jarrad is a well-rounded, tactical athlete with several professional MMA fights under his belt. More than a brute, Jarrad has brains as well. He is the lead editor and videographer for Student of the Gun and works directly for Think On! Productions creating a wide variety of video material. In addition, Markel is a skilled webmaster, building material for the Internet side of the house. tus.

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“Since I’ve found SOTG I haven’t missed an episode. I’m also listening to the previous episodes want to hear them all. I’m so glad I found SOTG it woke me up.”

– Anthony