Fight Strong with Matt Reynolds, Starting Strength Online Coaching

SOTG 519 - Fight Strong with Matt Reynolds, Starting Strength Online Coaching

SOTG 519 – Fight Strong with Matt Reynolds, Starting Strength Online Coaching
(Paul Markel)

Paul and Jarrad are back from from Camden, Tennessee and the Fight Strong class at Tactical Response. Both of them are a bit sore but they have a whole lot of information to share with you. This topic applies to everyone; man or woman, young or old.

Paul dipped way back into the 1980’s for some appropriate theme music for today’s show. Be sure to listen loudly enough.

During our Quiet Time segment from, Professor Paul has a recommended reading reminder. It has been a bit since we discussed this book but you will definitely want to add it to your reading list.

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Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • Fight Strong with Matt Reynolds of Starting Strength Online Coaching at Tactical Response/Camden Strength
    • 4 Core Lifts: Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Press
  • Quiet Time brought to you by Silencer Shop – The Templars: The History and the Myth: From Solomon’s Temple to the Freemasons by Michael Haag

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The SSOC Staff Coaches are constantly discussing programming, clients, injuries, form issues, useful cues, and all sorts of other interesting things on the Slack App that we use for inter-company communication. We had an excellent discussion this morning about the squat progession and the relationship that is played out between “Knees Forward and Out” and “Hips Back” as part of the timing/cadence in a proper squat. The discussion was as follows…

Matt Reynolds [7:43 AM]

From going through videos this morning, I have an idea of a video that needs to be made: “Squat Cadence”….I’m seeing alot of people sit way back early and not let their knees move at all in the beginning. Then as they descend, their knees continue to come forward all the way to the bottom. What’s interesting, is that SOME of these people actually get in a decent position in the bottom, but everything got there in the wrong order.

And IF they get there in the wrong order on the way down, even if the concentric phase is OK when the weight is LIGHT, it won’t be when it gets really heavy. When these people get to heavy fatigued sets of 5, or even worse triples, doubles, and singles preparing for a meet, then those knees are going to be impossible to stop in the bottom and they WILL flex forward as they try to squat the weight up.

We have to teach these people that as soon as they break at the hips and knees, they MUST shove the knees FORWARD and OUT over the toes and BEND OVER ALOT (nipples to the floor). (They don’t have a problem sitting back early. The problem is that they don’t continue to sit back in the bottom, because they blew their load early on the “hips back.”)

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