Pro Tips: Worth the Money?

SOTG 540 - Pro Tips Worth the Money

SOTG 540 – Pro Tips Worth the Money
(Paul Markel)

From whom should you get your advice? Are Pro Tips worth paying for? Professor Paul addresses a thought process that is all too prevalent in the gun world; that buying a gun make somehow gives you the ability to expertly use that object. This pairs with the assertion that you should not take training advice from someone who sells training.

During our Fighting Fitness segment from SWAT Fuel, Jarrad will consider where you were and where you are on your fitness journey. Where should you focus be?

Lastly, we have a Brownell’s Bullet Points segment for you. Paul focuses on the importance of live fire testing after you have had any modification or repair work done on your firearm.

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Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • Prayer Request for Chris Cerino. Please send any support you can:
  • #FightingFitness brought to you by SWAT Fuel: Do not worry about where you used to be, physically. Focus on where you are, not where you used to be. Fighters stuck in the past.
  • Tips from Professionals, why do gun owners think they can teach themselves? Who do you trust to give you advice: amateurs or professionals.
  • #BrownellsBulletPoints: Live-fire is where you find out what works and what does not.

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Blue Line Unlimited provides assistance to families and officers in the way of benefits, training, education and equipment. We are currently setting up a fund raiser for Chris Cerino.

I had not been feeling well for a couple months. After testing and scans they found a large  tumor on my liver and in my lymph node. Actually 5 to 6 times the size of the liver!  A biopsy determined it to be stage 4 cancer. It had been growing for the past 2 years. This cancer came from my previous testicular cancer that had not been monitored or treated properly. Apparently the cancer had moved away from the radiation and hid in my liver. A very rare situation they say.


The prognosis for a full recovery is good and it is treatable with Chemotherapy and other IV drugs. The worst part is that this will take 4 cycles over four months and during those months I will be restricted in ability. I will not be able to travel at all due mostly to my treatment plan but also because of my immune deficiencies. It all started with me being admitted to the hospital on December 28 for five days to receive the initial administering of Chemo. I return to the hospital for 5 day cycles every 3 weeks.


There will also be some trips to University of Indian Hospitals, a world class treatment center in for consultations. It is where they will determine if there will be any necessary surgery to remove the remains of the tumors after they are killed. This should be around May.


This is a lot to take in for me, my family and everyone that I am sharing it with. I feel it necessary to share it so people understand and know why I am gone from the training/shooting scene for the first half of 2017. This is unfortunately why I will not be able to fulfill many of my obligations the first half of 2017.
I am truly blessed to have a good prognosis and lucky to have such a huge support network that includes all of you.


Chris Cerino

Goal: $100,000
Total Raised: $4805