Tactical Masturbation: Top 3 Stupid Human Tricks

SOTG 538 - Tactical Masturbation: Top 3 Stupid Human Tricks

SOTG 538 – Tactical Masturbation: Top 3 Stupid Human Tricks

Stupid Human Tricks in the shooting world, also known as tactical masturbation, are preventing otherwise competent shooters from reaching their full potential. When taken to the extreme, tactical masturbation can be dangerous.

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week wants to address a previous discussion about “allowed versuable” and how that applies to jury duty. This is an excellent time to talk about civics and civic duty.

Also, the results are in. The calculations have been completed and Student of the Gun Radio has been granted an official power factor.

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Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • The results are in: Calculations for Power Factor have been complete, SOTG radio is MAJOR.
  • Warrior of the Week brought to you by SWAT Fuel: Disarming for Jury Duty
    • Become a Jury Foreman: Jury Nullification, a judge cannot force you to reach a verdict.
  • Stupid Human Tricks, why did Paul write the Tactical Masturbation article.

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From www.studentofthegun.com/articles:

“It’s nearly impossible for a qualified firearms instructor to get their message out by using YouTube. It is so full of people doing ‘stupid human tricks’ that thoughtful advice gets buried under all the bullshit.” That quote came from a recent text conversation that yours truly had with one of the most qualified firearms instructors in the United States. The man in question, in addition to being a combat veteran and firearms trainer, has a doctorate in education.

Tactical Masturbation

Though you may not have put a name on it, we have all witnessed tactical masturbation. Like the more traditional form of self-gratification, tactical masturbation might be enjoyable, or a good way to pass a short amount of time, but in the end it has little practical application.

Tactical masturbation fits the description of ‘stupid human tricks’ as my friend mentioned at the outset of this piece. There are entire YouTube channels devoted to the the performance of shooting tricks and flashy showmanship; the design of which is to give the viewer a quick thrill for two or three minutes.

I would shun flashy trick-shooting — grandstand play — as I would poison. – Wyatt Earp

These flashy shooting tricks are seductive. The YouTubers in question may have gotten 100,000 or even 1 million “views” by performing them. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that 1 million views somehow equates to realism or practicality. People see others performing stupid human tricks, take note of the online “popularity”, and believe that they should do their best to emulate them.

These grandstand plays can be even more seductive when performed by people of which we hold in high regard, competition shooters are the number one category. Surely someone with big name sponsors, who consistently ranks high in national shooting competitions, would only behave in a way that is tactically sound, right?

During this article I intend to point out three of what I see as some of the most prevalent forms of tactical masturbation. It looks cool, might be fun, but has essentially nothing to do with gunfighting or tactics.

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